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About JanusERP

JanusERP is a software company based in Houston, Texas. Our mission is simple JanusERP provides project stakeholders an opportunity to have a conversation with the data. JanusERP helps automates common tasks create a centralized location for clients, vendors, and management to collaborate with and make informed decisions.  

Our philosophy is clear. We provide a user-friendly project management software solution to allow more stakeholders to converse with the data. When users have a conversation with the data it allows for more favorable project outcomes. 

JanusERP has been deployed and successfully implemented in the Public Sector, Private Sector, and Healthcare organizations. 

JanusERP has been operational since 2016 and is a subsidiary of MHI which has been established since 2013. 

A Message From One of Our Partners


Throughout my consulting career I have seen many project management solutions. Many did not meet the needs of most project teams.


JanusERP is different we take information that may be institutionalized by some individuals and allows for collaboration. 


Our solution is designed to provide your organization at least 80% functionality immediately with the last 20% being addressed in the last phase of implementation.


Headshot. CR.jpg

For that reason, I feel JanusERP is the best pound for pound project management software. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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