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Our Team & Solutions

What Is JanusERP

JanusERP core focus is to control, monitor and report on project related tasks. Janus does this by providing flexible and robust best practices with our modules. 

JanusERP has literally taken the best project management and project controls minds and put them into our software solution. Finding a software solution that has 30 plus years of experience built in will be hard to find.  


JanusERP is broken out into 4 product lines.

  1. Project Management Software Solution

  2. Project Controls Software

  3. Operations and Commercial Management Software

  4. BYOS (Bring Your Own Spreadsheet) 

Feel free to mix and match any module.


With Janus your organization does not need to purchase the entire ERP suite or the entire product line. 

JanusERP is known for being user-friendly and providing exceptional support. ​In 2016 we were awarded a 98% user satisfaction by an independent review board. 

Using our pre-configured modules you can expect Janus to 


  1. Implement your solution in 4-8 weeks.

  2. Provide end to end encryption  

  3. Pre-configured best practices

  4. On-going support and configuration.

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Our Product Lines 

Business, Technology, Internet and netwo

Project Management

​Consisting of: 

  1. Change Order Management 

  2. Finance & Accounting Module

  3. Document Control Module

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Operations Management

​Consisting of:

  1. Contracts Management 

  2. Contingency Management

  3. Project Lessons Learned Module

Project Controls.jpg



​Consisting of:

  1. Estimating Module

  2. Cost Control Module

  3. Risk Management Module

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Automate Excel

​Bring Your Own Spreadsheet of: 

  1. Bring Your Process

  2. Bring Your Favorite Excel Spreadsheet

  3. We bring the automation 

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