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Janus Real Estate Foreclosure Finder

Find Properties That Are Up for Foreclosure on the 1st Tuesday of every month 

JannusERP is well known for creating custom solutions that have been tailored to your organization. ​

The Janus software will create a stable online database that will connect to 1000 plus common applications. We will automatically enchase the user experience and create efficiency gains for your organization. 

Janus is the perfect solution if your organization is considering building a solution in-house to cost time and expense or if your organization is needing a solution but do not want the extra time and expense of building a custom database. 


  1. Customized workflows and notifications

  2. Import data from Excel into Janus database

  3. Export data back into excel from Janus database

  4. 99.6% uptime and access

  5. Stunning dashboards and reports

  6. More cost-effective than your organization internal team 

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