Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Ensure your organization stays successful

Standard Features:

  • Your Date Encrypted 

  • Standard Workflows

  • Email Notification 

  • Text Notification

  • Unlimited Data Transfer

JANUS A Good CRM For You Org.

Your organization does not need a fancy, expensive, modern Rolodex. Understanding the exact point where you lost a sale or understanding why you won a particular contract is critical to the ongoing success of your business. 


JANUS CRM provides these critical pieces of information and more using real-time dashboards, workflows, notifications, and a 100% configurable 6 step process to help guide your organization for a repeatable successful process to keep your leads and customers engaged. Increase your profitability keep your contacts and clients engaged using JANUS CRM.  

Module Specific Standard Features:

  • 6 Step Sales Process

  • Your Specific Business Process inside of our CRM  

  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Custom Business Portal

  • And More Feature


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