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Project Management Solutions:

Change Order Management

Managing Change Is Important

Managing changes within a project is important.


Most organizations have to management internal changes (within your organization) and external changes (vendor and clients). 

JanusERP Management of Change (MOC) Module takes the guess work out of managaing all phase of the change process. 


Included in every Janus MOC Module are:

  • Change Order Register

  • Change Management Form

  • Calculation Sheet 

    • Multi-Currency is available​

  • Delegation of Authority Workflow

  • A single source for vendors, clients, and leaders to access the change

  • Functional Management Reports

  • Colorful and Useful Dashboard

  • Integration & Communication to Other Software Solutions​


Janus MOC Module goes above and beyond to provide the best change management software on the market. 

In addition to the above features we have integrated with Microsoft Power BI to provide additional dashboards. 



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