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Project Management for HealthCare

What Is JanusERP for

HealthCare, BioTech and Pharmaceutical 

JanusERP core focus is to provide best practices through our software modules. Our current and past clients seen the immense value JanusERP brings to their organization. 

JanusERP has literally taken the best project management and project controls solutions and put them into our software solution. We then transferred this knowledge and applied it to healthcare industry and this proved to be overwhelming successful.


One of our clients we increased profitability by 79% (margin) in a 5 week deployment. 

Another client has seen employee productivity triple since we implemented our Janus software. 


Not many cloud based software can boast these results. 

Feel free to mix and match any module.


With Janus your organization does not need to purchase the entire ERP suite or the entire product line. 

HealthCare Virus Img.jpg

Using our pre-configured modules you can expect Janus to:

  1. Implement your solution in 4-8 weeks.

  2. Provide end to end encryption

    1. HIPAA encryption available 

  3. Pre-configured best practices

  4. On-going support and configuration.

Our HealthCare Product Lines 

Business, Technology, Internet and netwo

Project Management 

​Project Management Modules Consisting of : 

  1. Resource Management

  2. Non HIPAA sensitive documents

  3. Finance and Cost Accounting



​Customer Resource Management Consisting of:

  1. Intake and Processing Forms

    1. ​Six best practice automated sales funnel

    2. Revenue Cost of Sales Tracking

  2. Contracts Management​

JanusERP Document Control Pic.jpg

Records Storage

HIPAA Medical Compliant Storage ​Consisting of:

  1. Document Control Module

    1. Automated workflow 

    2. Outside Roles and Permission Mgmt. 

    3. Integrated Dashboards




​Human Resources Module Consisting of: 

  1. Applicant Tracking System 

  2. Employee & Contractor Onboarding 

  3. Timesheet Management

  4. Compliance Management

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