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Since 2016 JanusERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been providing Project Management and Project Controls software solutions to the Energy, Mine & Minerals, Healthcare and Non-Profit industries.

Our founders are real Project Management & Controls professionals. This makes our approach in providing the best Project Management software completely different. We created JanusERP to address the:


  1. Over complication of Project Management (PM) software 

  2. Lack of user friendly user interfaces

  3. Lack of best practices and critical thinking logic in PM software


Janus's simple and user friendly interface with a keen eye to  attention to detail for users who work in the system every day has earned us great reviews from our clients.


When you call or email us us; we will begin to access your needs and make recommends based on our 50+ years of combined past project experience.

We enjoy managing projects and correctly teaching project management through our JanusERP software. Providing your organization the right solution the first time is important to us.


This make us different than our competitors. We just don't sell software, but we are with you every step of the way. 

There is a lot to consider and you may have many questions about us and our software. Let's have a simple 10 minute no pressure conversation to understand your needs. 

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