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JanusERP Ecosystem

JANUS ERP is the software product line of PE4U.


The Janus Ecosystem targets 3 business industries for complete organizational optimization and process improvement.

What our customers enjoy about our ecosystem is the ability to incorporate different modules from other industries. This creates the perfect software solution for your business..

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Janus Works Great In Oil & Gas


JANUS ERP  is used for process improvement across all business sectors. JANUS ERP is a great fit for Oil & Gas, Chemical Plants and Construction organizations.

JANUS HealthCare
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JANUS HealthCare (HC)  focuses on reducing costs and optimizing staff for better practice efficiency. Depending on the modules selected JANUS HC guarantees to generates more revenue to the practice. 

JANUS Public Sector
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JANUS Public Sector helps turns big/large sets of data into usable information. Drive better policy decisions to inform the public in real time and have a conversation with the using JANUS.  

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